ASICS World Services, LTD, achieves SATA Compliance Certification

ASICS World Services, Ltd. is proud to announce that it achieved compliance certification for it’s SATA IP Cores.
The Serial ATA Interface IP Cores provides an interface to high-speed serial link replacements for the parallel ATA attachment of mass storage devices. The serial link employed is a high-speed differential layer that utilizes Gigabit technology and 8b/10b encoding.
ASICS World Services offer both Host and Device side IP Cores for the SATA protocol. These IP Core support Gen I (1.5 Gbps), Gen II (3.0 Gbps) and Gen III (6.0 Gbps) transfer rates.

The certification process was performed at UNH-IOL labs in New Hampshire, USA.

About ASICS World Services, LTD.

ASICS World Services provides a broad line of general-purpose IP cores, including a variety of USB related products such as USB 2.0 OTG IP Cores as well as various others such as SD/SDIO/MMC, SATA I/II IP Core, encryption (AES), error correction (Reed Solomon, GPON), and many other functions.

ASICS World Services was conceived and founded in 1999, immediately starting to offer various products and services. Since then, ASICS World Services has established a world wide reputation for professional highest-quality IP Cores with flexible licensing at a low cost.

The engineering team is comprised of highly experienced senior engineers who have been in the digital design environment for 12-25 years prior to joining ASICS World Services. A rapidly expanding customer base is quickly promoting ASICS World Services to being one of the leading IP Core providers in the world.

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