ASICS World Services Joins Xilinx AllianceCORE and Common License Consortium Programs

ASICS World Services, LTD, announces its membership in the Xilinx AllianceCORE Partners Program. At the same time, ASICS World Services has adopted the SignOnce IP License Agreement to simplify the IP licensing process.

“Traditionally we have been mostly focused on ASICS. However as an important step to broaden our offerings and support for the constantly growing and expanding FPGA market, we are very pleased to join the Xilinx AllianceCORE Program.” said Rudolf Usselmann, General Manager of ASICS World Services, LTD. “We have also added OPB and PLB bus wrappers to all of our IP Cores with WISHBONE interface, and are now starting to offer shrink wrapped solutions that will smoothly integrate any of our IP Cores in to Xilinx EDK” continued Mr. Usselmann.

Some of the first IP Cores that have been rolled out under this program are: USB 2.0 OTG, USB 2.0 Device, USB 1.1 Host, SATA I/II, Reed Solomon Encoder and Reed Solomon Decoder IP Cores. Others will be added to the program shortly.

“We are very happy to welcome ASICS World Services, LTD. in to the AllianCORE program” said Steve Holte AllianceCORE Technical Marketing Manager from Xilinx. “Their IP selection complements perfectly the already available IP Cores and will be of great benefit to our customers” continued Mr. Holte

About the SignOnce IP License

Xilinx, the leading provider of programmable logic devices, and over 60 members of its AllianceCORE third-party IP provider program have joined together to form the Common License Consortium. All consortium members have agreed to accept a single set of common IP licensing terms, called the SignOnce IP License, for acquiring FPGA-based IP cores. The result is a first for the IP industry – a single set of licensing terms, giving customers access to IP cores from multiple vendors for use in Xilinx programmable logic. For more information on this program, go to

About ASICS World Services, LTD.

ASICS World Services provides a broad line of general-purpose IP cores, including a variety of USB related products such as USB 2.0 OTG IP Cores as well as various others such as SATA I/II, encryption (AES), error correction (Reed Solomon), and many other functions.

ASICS World Services was conceived and founded in 1999, immediately starting to offer various products and services. Since then ASICS World Services has established a world wide reputation for professional highest-quality IP Cores with flexible licensing at a low cost.

The engineering team is made up of highly experienced senior engineers who have been working in the digital design industry for many, many years prior to joining ASICS World Services. A rapidly expanding customer base is quickly promoting ASICS World services to one of the leading IP providers in the world. For more information, please visit: