USB 2.0 On-The-Go IP Core, Compliance Certified

A ‘Dual-Role’ USB On-The-Go IP Core that operates as both an USB peripheral or as an USB OTG host in a point-to-point communications with another USB device. This USB IP Core supports both Low Speed, Full Speed and High Speed transfers and automatic line speed negotiation.

Features Include:

  • True Dual-Role capability
  • UTMI+ L2 Interface and ULPI 1.1 wrapper available
  • OTG high performance host mode
  • Full USB peripheral capability
  • Session request protocol support
  • Host negotiation protocol support
  • Low Speed (LS), Full Speed (FS) and High Speed (HS) modes supported
  • Up to 16 endpoints
  • Bulk, interrupt and isochronous transfers
  • Slave and Master WISHBONE i/f (AMBA wrappers available)
  • No dedicated local memory required
  • Compact and cost-effective solution for SoC

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