A compact low power and scalable IP core which provides a simple, firmware-friendly cost-effective Physical Link interface for memory, i/o and combo devices, such as SD-based memory cards, Mini SD, Micro SD, SDIO Bluetooth devices, SDIO GPS, MMC memory cards, MMC-RS, MMC-Mobile, CE-ATA devices etc etc.


  • SD/SDIO only: Compliant with SD Spec ver1.10 and SDIO Spec ver1.10
  • SD/SDIO only: Supports SD 1bit and 4bit modes, as well as SPI mode
  • SD/SDIO only: 8bit support for future SD spec enhancements
  • SD/SDIO only: Supports SDIO features: Suspend/Resume, Interrupt, Read Wait
  • MMC only: Compliant with MultiMediaCard Spec ver4.X/3.X
  • MMC only: Supports MMC 1bit, 4bit, 8bit modes, as well as SPI mode
  • MMC only: Maximum data rate up to 416Mbits/sec
  • MMC only: Supports Interrupt-mode (Wait-IRQ)
  • MMC only: Supports CEATA specifications (ver1.0), including Completion Signal
  • All command and response types are supported
  • Generic 8/16/32 bit system bus interface
  • Optional extended data buffering 0-4K bytes.
  • Optional read/write data DMA
  • Card-Busy signal asserted by hardware, negated by firmware
  • CRC7 and CRC16 checksum logic
  • Supports data block size of 1 byte to 4K bytes
  • Set of Read-Clear status bits with software interrupt mask
  • Multi-block read and write
  • Stream read and write
  • Built-in Bus Test Procedure
  • Supports fast and slow cards. clock frequency: 0-52+MHz
  • Supports clock suspension
  • Supports hot card insertion and removal
  • Compact and trivial firmware interface

Download SDIO Product Brief

Download MMC Product Brief