A complete, easy to integrate and cost-effective IP core featuring SD/SDIO/MMC Host Controller Interface, for SoC/PDA applications that connect to SD/MMC memory cards and SDIO/combo devices such as Bluetooth device.


  • Compliant with SD Host Controller Spec V1.01/1.10
  • Supports SD 1bit and 4bit modes, as well as SPI mode
  • Compatible to MultiMediaCard spec V4.0 and older
  • Provides memory-mapped and i/o access to SD/MMC cards through a Wishbone slave adapter
  • Read cache with variable physical size and configurable page size to boost-up card read access performance.
  • Interrupt-on-completion handshake eliminates host resources utilization during read operations
  • Write FIFO with variable size and configurable thresholds to enable non-blocking operations and prevent back-pressure propagation from card to host
  • Supports posted write operations
  • Supports SDIO IRQ signaling
  • Implements multi-block read and write commands with internal STOP command generation (CMD12) for enhanced throughput
  • Supports any data block length
  • Supports fast and slow SD cards. SD clock frequency: 0-50+MHz
  • Supports hot card insertion and removal
  • SD/SDIO/MMC/SPI identification flow implemented by hardware
  • Provides command port interface for direct access to the SD/MMC devices and for I/O access to SDIO devices
  • Features zero-wait-states on SD bus
  • Wide range of configuration options to fine-tune the core according to the system specifications and demands
  • Wide range of mask able interrupt events, such as card detection, block transfer termination, command completion, error detection end many more
  • No dedicated local memory required

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