SATA I/II/III Host Controller IP Core

The Serial ATA Host Controller IP Core provides an interface to high-speed serial link replacements for the parallel ATA attachment of mass storage devices. The serial link employed is a high-speed differential layer that utilizes Gigabit technology and 8b/10b encoding.


  • High Throughput: 531 MBytes/sec Read, 505 MBytes/sec Write
  • Low Latency: 66K IOPS Read, 67K IOPS Write (4k blocks)
  • Connects to SAPIS compliant serial ATA Phy
  • Asynchronous, unrestricted SoC clock, independent of PHY clock
  • Includes Xilinx Transciver based PHY
  • Fully compliant to SATA V3.0 COMPLIANCE CERTIFIED
  • – NCQ
  • – Port Multipliers
  • – Port Selector
  • – FIS based switching
  • Supports Gen 1 (1.5 Gbps), Gen 2 (3,0 Gbps) and Gen 3 (6.0 Gbps)
  • AXI Light interface for register access
  • AXI Stream Interface and for data transfers
  • Full support for PIO, DMA and FPDMA transfers
  • 128 byte (32 double word) data FIFO (optional 256 byte)
  • Implements the shadow register block and the serial ATA status and control registers
  • Parallel ATA legacy software compatibility
  • 48-bit address feature set supported
  • 8b/10b coding and decoding
  • CONT and data scramblers to reduce EMI
  • CRC generation and checking
  • Auto inserted HOLD primitives
  • Power management support (partial and slumber)
  • DMA Support
  • – Descriptor Based Command Processing
  • – Unlimited command list size
  • Many configuration options
  • ucLinux Drivers

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