Reed Solomon Decoder IP Core

A high performance, fully configurable Reed Solomon Decoder IP Core that is intended for use in a wide range of applications requiring forward error correction. It can be targeted for both ASIC and FPGA technologies.


  • Continuous, very high-speed, time-domain Reed-Solomon decoding algorithm.
  • Supports different Reed-Solomon coding standards.
  • Code rate can be dynamically varied
  • Parameterizable bits per symbol (M).
  • Programmable codeword length (NVAL) with parameterizable maximum value (N).
  • Programmable number of errors (TVAL) with parameterizable maximum value (T).
  • Shortened codes supported (NVAL,TVAL).
  • User configured primitive field polynomial.
  • User configured generator polynomial.
  • Synchronous design.
  • Predictable decoder latency.
  • Single or Multiple symbol rate clock (CR).
  • Status and performance monitoring signals

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