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  • September 5, 2010: ASICS World Services Joins Xilinx AllianceCORE and Common Li

    ASICS World Services, LTD, announces its membership in the Xilinx AllianceCORE Partners Program. At the same time, ASICS World Services has adopted the SignOnce IP License Agreement to simplify the IP licensing process. "Traditionally we have been mostly focused on ASICS. However as an important step to broaden our offerings and support for the constantly growing and expanding FPGA market, we are very pleased to join the Xilinx AllianceCORE Program." said Rudolf Usselmann

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  • June 11, 2010: ASICS World Services, LTD, achieves SATA Compliance Certific

    ASICS World Services, Ltd. is proud to announce that it achieved compliance certification for it's SATA IP Cores. The Serial ATA Interface IP Cores provides an interface to high-speed serial link replacements for the parallel ATA attachment of mass storage devices. The serial link employed is a high-speed differential layer that utilizes Gigabit technology and 8b/10b encoding.
    ASICS World Services offer both Host and Device side IP Cores for the SATA protocol. These IP

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  • June 27, 2005: ASICS World Services, LTD, achieves USB 2.0 HS-OTG Certifica

    ASICS World Services, Ltd. is proud to announce that it is one of the first companies in the world to achieve USB 2.0 HS-OTG Compliance Certification.

    The USB 2.0 HS-OTG IP Core is a Dual-Role-Device (DRD) that can operate as either a USB 2.0 Device or as a USB 2.0 Host in a point-to-point on- the-go (OTG) connection.

    In addition to the HS-OTG certification, ASICS World Services also was able to achieve USB 2.0 HS-Device certification for its Device-Onl

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